SAMD21 XPro mEDBG Firnware Upgrade Issue

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I have a SAMD21 XPro with a WINC1500 XPro on EXT1, an I/O1 XPro on EXT2, and an OLED1 XPro on EXT3.  The first time I attached to the DEBUG USB Atmel Studio saw the SAMD21 and the three extensions.


I built an example project and hit the debug button, and was prompted to upgrade the mEDBG firmware from 2.10 to 3.0, which I did.  After that the project downloaded and ran, but Atmel Studio no longer sees the extension boards when I attach the USB cable?  Apart from Atmel Studio not seeing the extensions, everything appears to be working.


Has anyone else seen similar issues when upgrading mEDBG firmware?  Should I worry about it?

Greg Muth

Portland, OR, US

Xplained/Pro/Mini Boards mostly


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