SAM R21: Interrupt AMI IRQ_5 cannot be issued

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I am using the Atmel SAM R21 to develop the code to realize the point-to-point wireless communication. When the IRQ_2 (RX_START) is issued, the next interrupt IRQ_5 (AMI) should be issued, and finally the IRQ_3 (TRX_END) will be issued. in my code, only IRQ_2 is issued firstly, and IRQ_3 is issued to indicate that the transmission is finished. there is no issued IRQ_5. The progress should be like the progress in picture. 


Then, I check the received packet address, and the value of address register, all these values are same with the expected. And the requirements show in the datasheet of frame filter are also meet. Please see the second figure.


Could you advise me how to fix this problem? 


Thank you!


Last Edited: Tue. Aug 15, 2017 - 01:22 AM