SAM E54 Xplained Pro & Atmel START issues

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I'm using the SAM E54 Xplained Pro to start working with ARM and Atmel (first time with this tools).

I used the Atmel START  to create a new project and test the CAN bus.

The project has been created. Here some screen shot of the config.



I connected the CAN to a CAN-Peak (at 250k/bits) to check the results.

I added just the LED toggle to see the program running, and It flashes at 0.5Hz, like expected.

Here the main and the example code generated by Atmel START (I commented the CAN extended message to simplify the test).



At the end it doesn't work. I can't understand, It is mainly generated by Atmel START.... no CAN message.

Looking the DBTP register I notice that it is  not like should be. It is 0x0000A33, like reset value, but It should be different. With 12Mhz clock i chose BRP = 3, TSEG1 = 13, TSEG2 = 2, SJW = 1 ... maybe these are wrong to have 250kBits/s , but for sure the DBTP must be changed by the Atmel START init with thes values. And It is not.



For sure this is not the only reason why it is not working but i can not understand.

What am I doing wrong?