SAM-BA does not work with full-Speed (12Mb/s) Hub

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We have a problem that the Atmel Eval board
(SAMV71 Xplained) can not be loaded/flashed using
SAM-BA when the target is connected to the host
(Win32/PC) via a Full-Speed (12Mb/s) Hub.

We get the following error from SAM-BA:

	sam-ba_3.1.3-win32\sam-ba_3.1.3\sam-ba.exe ^
	  -x same-flash-app.qml
	Opening serial port 'COM20'
	Connection opened.
	Detected memory size is 2097152 bytes.
	Added 24 bytes of padding to align to page size
	Error: Failed to write pages at address 0x00000000
	  (status: undefined)
	Connection closed.

However, the Atmel Eval board (SAMV71 Xplained) can be successfully
loaded/flashed using a custom (USB) loader application when connected
via the Full-Speed (12Mb/s) Hub, or a High-Speed (480MHz) Hub.

Why does SAM-BA fail with Full Speed USB (12 Mb/S) when application code works with
Full Speed USB just fine ??