SAM-BA 3.1.3 and trimffs option for nandflash applet

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Hi the Community,


Question related to UbiFS on the nandslash


According to FAQ for SAMAD3:





And here is cite from Linux4Sam Tip & Tricks

  • Ecc offsetTrimffstrimffs: If select this option, then SAM-BA will NOT generate PMECC data for all 0xFF data page, since the generated PMECC data for all 0xFF data page are not 0xFF (Except SAMA5D4 chip). This option should be enabled when flash a rootfs in nand if the chip is not SAMA5D4.


Start to use SAM-BA 3.1.3 because of SAMA5D2 SoC. There is no GUI in sam-ba 3.1.3 and I could not figure out how to deal with trimffs in this case.


In qml examples for nandflash applet for both SAMA5D3 and SAMA5D4 it uses the same appletWrite() command for flashing ubi.


 Could it mean trimffs is ON by default in sam-ba 3.1.3?


Thanks in advance