Sagem MO110D GSM Module headaches

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Hi All

I have this here MO110D GSM module that doesn't seem to be doing anything... :cry:

I read through all the datasheets and appnotes available, but there is a lot of info missing. :cry:
Has anyone used this thing before? :?:

I am trying to communicate to the module via the serial link.
I have 3.8v connected to VBAT-GNDBAT
I have a switch connected between OUI and GND
I have connected the UART of my AVR microcontroller to the UART pins 10,11

I do not get any reply from any AT messages sent to the module.
:cry: The appnotes and datasheets do not specify the power-on procedure for the module. :cry: I am assuming it is something like:

1: Power on
2: Switch on (Switch on OUI pin)
3: Start communicating.

Also, the appnotes do not specify the default serfial transfer parameters like baudrates, stop bits or parity.
Here I have assumed that the unit uses autobauding after startup, but to no avail. It ignores all serial commands, regardless of baudrates.

The only thing I can still think of is, the unit has 2 battery type detection pins, which is not described anywhere in the docs. These are left unconnected on my board at present. These should maybe be connected somewhere, but again there is no data available on this.

Any help appreciated :wink:

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