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A couple of issues in Build 120

First, a sure way to crash S4:

If you on the Breakpoint-tab select a breakpoint and then right-click and select Goto Source, the program points into the great void and Windows give up….
Workaround: Double-click on the entry to Goto Source
Problem has been fixed and will not appear in next build

Then something puzzling:

Given an assembler-project:

Copy the projectfile
Copy/rename the asm-file
Open the new projectfile
Remove the original asm-file from the project
Add the copied asm-file
Assemble, and…the old asm-file is used!

Assembly-project has an entryfile, the name of this is stored in the projectfile. Do as described and the name of this file is not updated.
Set entryfile by selecting the newly added file, right-click and Set as Entry File
In the next build, the entryfile will be removed when the file is removed. Adding a file to a projectfile without any entryfile will set the newly added file as entryfile.
The entryfile is marked with a red arrow.

Lars Kvenild
GUI-developer Avr Studio 4

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I was playing around in Studio 4 and decided to crash it, "just for fun" ;)

If the source file was closed when I clicked "Goto Source", it crashed, just as you promised. If the source file was already open, it just opened a new copy of it.

Well there wasn't much point to me doing that, but fun anyway :p


PS: And it crashed with the most complicated assembly program in the world, I lost days of work :p

ldi r30, 77
ldi r31, 12

(it would have been just the one line but i need somewhere to put a breakpoint)