rtos struck with stdio

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I started Usb-msc with Freertos example in studio6 ASF(2.11.1 and 3.5.0)on EVK1100 board. It works fine with default application, then i added stdio serial support to the same example.

The rtos runs usb-msc while data transfer otherwise simply switch to sleep mode. So i like to run stdio(printf, scanf) when rtos in sleep mode. The example code is given below:

void vApplicationIdleHook( void )
	// Management of sleep mode in Idle Hook from FreeRTOS

Serial_usart() function contain code to get data for R/W in sram(SMC) with the help of printf and scanf.
The actual problem is when i run this code usb-msc didn't functioned properly means that basic application of example didn't performed as well as stdio also struck(not read a data) inside the serial_usart().

Then added debug string instead of stdio serial, this works fine. Due to that Data transfer made and debug string printed and get function worked well.

Finally i don't know how to fix this problem.