rtc.c value overflow check?

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For usage of internal RTC on Due (SAM3X), (under packages/arduino/sam/(version)/system/libsam/source) there is a c file named rtc.c.


Under that c file, is a function named RTC_SetTime.


On line 175, it checks for "value overflow" according to the note.


But I am not sure what sort of overflow it's looking for.


The line of code :


if ( (ucHour_bcd & (uint8_t)(~RTC_HOUR_BIT_LEN_MASK)) |
     (ucMin_bcd & (uint8_t)(~RTC_MIN_BIT_LEN_MASK)) |
     (ucSec_bcd & (uint8_t)(~RTC_SEC_BIT_LEN_MASK)))
    return 1 ;

where hour minute and second are represented in BCD, and RTC_HOUR_BIT_LEN_MASK = 0x3F, and MIN&SEC bitmask are 7F. 


The question is, what sort of overflow it is trying to detect? 


Minutes, for instance, 0x7F = 0111/1111. ~0x7F = 1000/0000. 


I understand it is an overflow detection based off the datasheet (8bit being unused), but what if the user tries to set the minute to 61(= 0110/0001 )?It passes the overflow test and goes straight to the register. Does SAM have a separate validation check on the background?



Last Edited: Fri. Sep 16, 2022 - 08:08 AM