RPM7100 Photo Link Module code cracker

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I recently purchase a few RPM7100 of these to make up an AVR based module (to replace another PICAXE module which uses a similar Photo Link Module/IR detector) and was assured that the RPM7100 are the equivalents of the detector uses in the PICAXE design. This all from the one source of components.
They look the same, are the same size and are marked in a similar way, but the numbers are different.

The crunch is that they behave differently and therefore they are not the same. The new one is reputed to be a Rohm RPM7100 and when I set it up for 40Khz and implemented the protocol it sprang into life. The older refuses to work with the new code. The newer one refuses to run in the PICAXE design.

Q1. It took a punt on the 40Khz. but the RPM7100, comes as 36.0, 36.7, 37.9 or 40.0 kHz. and I have no idea of which one I have. The numbers on the designation on the device


Does anyone have a Rohm code cracker for this device?

Q2. The older detector used on the PICAXE had IR emitter driven by a a continuous square wave from a 555 at 36 Khz. The PICAXE input would be LO when beam was broken & HI when beam was normal. The new one requires that 40khz. be gated 600us ON & 600us OFF. Clearly they are not the same.
The marking on the older type is

, but I have no idea what the part number it is/was as the design info was lost& I don't have a data sheet.
Anyone have any idea?

Getting a code cracker will probably solve Q2

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