Replacement needed for ESP8266

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Dear freaks

recently i was using ESP8266(ESP-01) with mega8A to log temperature to Thingspeak.Setup was running successfully.But after a long run of 4 days,my esp8266 failed for the first time.I flashed different new version of firmware 2-3 times,but soon after 2/3 hours of run,every time the ESP8266 failed.Now it's returning garbage characters on UART randomly all by itself(without giving any command to it).
I think these modules are pretty cheap and they have no guarantee for long run.Although i ordered another ESP8266(ESP-12) for second testing for long run.


My question is:Is it worthy to stick with the ESP8266 modules and use another version for stability or should I consider another alternative?? Xbee-wifi looks promising but will Xbee-wifi fulfill my needs regarding this particular project aspect??Please answer and also mention if any other alternative available....

Last Edited: Thu. Mar 24, 2016 - 07:54 AM