Reload object file problem.

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I'm trying to debug a program in Studio, but it does not work normally. I open the file for debugging using the menu File - Open - Open the object file for debugging.

The file format is ELF (it is derived from the makefile of the project, which I edit into Eclipse and compile with AVRGCC).

Next every time I see the Remap dialog - Can Studio not read the ELF file and find all the source files itself?



The problem is that when I recompile a project, the Studio can not open a new ELF file - an error message appears.


reload error.png

I'm trying to upload-reload the project, but it does not help. If I open source files, then Studio opens the old version of the file, and not the updated one.

I'm forced to create a new project for debugging, when the text of the program has changed and the program is rebuilt.

I was trying to work in Studios 6.2 and 7. They both do not work with external object files.


P.S. The ELF file does not have archive, system, read-only or hidden attributes.

PS.2. The file is not located on the network drive, it is located on the local disk (f: \ GNU \ luna_ws \ test_dma \ Debug \).