READ BEFORE POSTING: Forum Purpose and Guidelines

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Hello All!

Please read the following before posting to the Academy forum:


This is forum is only for questions relating to projects and articles in the "AVRFreaks Academy". If you have a general question on AVRs you will probably get a faster response in the main forum (you may not even get a response here and your post might get deleted here).

If you post in the wrong forum then the topic may very well be moved to the appropriate forum by the moderators. In most instances a "shadow" topic will be left here on the AVR Projects Forum, unless there are multiple cross-posts and no responses on this forum.

If for whatever reason you double-post a message or response (hit refresh and resend data), please edit one of the messages so that it just says "Sorry - doublepost, moderator please remove" or something to that effect.

Please note that the best way to get useful answers on the AVR Academy is to follow some simple guidelines found in a tutorial written by Eric S. Raymond et al., How To Ask Questions The Smart Way:


The AVR Academy Forum Moderators

PS: In case the text of this message seems familiar, it comes with heavy use of copy and paste from the AVR-GCC Forum's sticky post

Edit (Colin): Removed the part saying to post questions about future projects here, it conflicted with pretty much all other descriptions of this forum
Edit (Colin): No one is reading this thing, so tried to make it more clear to READ ME
Edit (Sean): Moved the sections around so that the academy forum description is at the front, labelled sections more clearly.
Edit (Nard): Locked this Sticky as well to prevent posting by non-moderators (Jan 15, 2008)