Raven USB Stick and low level routines

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I would like to begin some RF work with the Atmel AT86RF230 chip. To start with, I would like to establish some simple master/slave communications between a PC (with a Raven USB stick) and other homemade devices. Use of the 802.15.4 MAC/PHY layers are not a problem. However, I am not interested in ZigBee at this point.

After reading Atmel's online documentation for the Raven, I afraid that I didn't learn very much about the inner workings of the system.

For those who have experience with the system, here are a few questions.

1. Is there an API/DLL available for low level routines on the PC?
2. Can the radio registers be accessed "directly" from the PC through the Atmel uC on the USB stick ? Read_Reg(r), Write_Reg(r,value)
3. Simple, low level interface would be best. No Internet access is needed (no TCP/IP), no multiple levels of abstraction.

Is this possible ?