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I still like to have som feedback of this topic from Atmel. I understand that you have read it but I would like to hear what you think about it and if we can expect to see some of the improvements suggested. Or if you think some is garbage.

1. The homepage.
- Why is not all information about the AVR in one place? There are other parts who has the AVR core on the chip, for example USB controllers I think and a readio module. Why is not information about them (or links to them) included on the AVR pages?
- The news is hidden in "Hot Topics/News" and mixed with other news. Wouldn't it be better to have a separate news list only for the AVR and it should be reachable from the AVR top level. News should include such as "Volume production of XXX in march 2001", "Important bug fixes made in the newest update X.XX of AVR Studio", "Tiny 22....". I mean, news interesting for the developer. Maybe an AVR newsletter reachable online from the homepage.
- We know there are problems (I call them bugs from know on) that is common to many of the AVR:s such as the EEPROM adress 0, Reset pin sensitivity etc. It would be very iseful to have a table with all parts there theese bugs are listed so you could easily choose a part that not have a bug that is sensitive for your application.
- I also miss a table with all parts there you could see production status for the parts. It should be obvious that that information is very important to designers and we don't want to ask our distributor about everything. I like to see "in volume production", "samples now", "volume production in 2001-XX-XX" and so on.
- Many of the pages should be sorted so it is easier to find what you are looking for. The application notes could be sorted in different topics for example. The same for the Data Sheets. A "list all" button is fine but not always please.
-About the Data Sheets, what is wrong with your sever? Often downloads fails.
- The product selector. This is useless. You can not put in demands such as ">X ADC channels", "EEPROM, any size". All selections targets just a few parts so if you make multiple selection you often ends up with no part at all.

2. The AVR architechture.
- Many of us call for faster parts. Why can't you make a faster AVR when you can do a FPSLIC who has an AVR core included in 40 MHz?
- There are vendors who has come with parts that have configurable devices. Is this anything that is possible to do in the AVR architechture? An example: There are a lot of parts who has an ADC. And if you have an ADC you have an DAC as well. Maybe you could choose between if it should work as an ADC or as an DAC.
- Do you develop new parts on your own or do you only make new parts as a custom chip to big customers first?

3. AVR Studio.
- How much effort will you do to improve this? It is still to buggy and some seams to think it is not worth to give reports of errors. Maybe you should go out much more clearly that you want such feedback. Why not include feedback information to the start-up screen of AVR Studio? And what about new features such as the sleep mode? Will you continue to make new features as well or do you only got time for bug fixes?

4. Other information
There are other things that ther is no information about know. For example the development boards. There is not much information about them. No schematics for theSTK500? The AVRTOOLS.PDF hasn't been updates since Aug 2000.

5. Serial programmin problems.
Why is it still problems with programming? If you buy Atmel tools you think that they should do the job. But I have parts that I can't make serial programming of. If there are known such problems you should tell us. Why is it no software for the old STK:s that can safely program under NT? (I think other vendors could).

Best regards, Bengt Ragnemalm

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