Question about how to use the Timer Counter peripheral in ATSAMV71Q21

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Hi, I am a newbie. I try to figure out how to use the Timer Counter peripheral in ATSAMV71Q21. For my first step, I would like to turn on the Timer Counter peripheral and see it count. I was using TC0 channel 0. I selected internal SLCK clock, and then enable the Timer Counter by setting the CLKEN bit in TC_CCR0. I expected the value in TC_CV0 change, but it never happened. By the way, I am using SAMV71 Xplained board. I did see the TC_CMR0 value change in the I/O window after the write, so I think my code did do the write as I expected. I guess the Timer Counter does not count because I miss some setting. sad Any help will be appreciated.


Here is my code:


#define ADDR_TC_CCR0 0x4000C000

#define REG_TC_CCR0 (*((volatile uint32_t *)ADDR_TC_CCR0))

#define ADDR_TC_CMR0 0x4000C004

#define REG_TC_CMR0 (*((volatile uint32_t *)ADDR_TC_CMR0))

#define ADDR_TC_CV0 0x4000C010

#define REG_TC_CV0 (*((volatile uint32_t *)ADDR_TC_CV0))


#include "sam.h"


int main(void)


/* Initialize the SAM system */



/* Replace with your application code */

REG_TC_CMR0 = 0x4; // clock selected: internal SLCK clock signal

REG_TC_CCR0 = 0x1; // set CLKEN to enable counter clock

REG_TC_CCR0 = 0x5; // I also try software trigger, but it still does not count.


while(REG_TC_CV0 == 0); 


REG_TC_CCR0 = 0x2; // set CLKDIS to disable counter clock




Last Edited: Wed. Nov 8, 2017 - 10:28 PM