Question about High-resolution freq generator on XMEGA

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Sorry for my question but Someone is using the High-resolution frequency generator on Xmega, with good results?
I'm tryng to use it but seems not to work well.
The frequency I obtain it's not so good.

CCABUF = 3200 F=20.501 (it's a good square wave)
CCABUF = 3199 F=???? (It's a strange square wave with glitch inside and it's not very stable)
also with 3198 and 3197 then start to go well with 3196 and Frequency it's about 20530Hz then decreasing again continue to be a bad square wave for other 4 steps for to return a good square wave at 3194 and so....

Doig so I've one good value every 4 steps and I don't obtain an increasing of resolution if I've to jump from 4 step to 4 step.
Someone have the same problem? And how he resolved it?