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Hello all,


I recently managed to put the pyUPDI tool to work in my Windows 7 computer. It works perfectly but the command line style makes it not 100% easy to use (even when making a batch script, because often the source HEX file moves to other folder when a revision is made).

So, I implemented a pyUPDI Helper in Delphi. It is available in the googledrive with the link below. Image of the tool's screen is attached.

It assumes the Python 3 was installed in the computer, including the path to the Python in the system's path. Also, all necessary included modules (as mentioned by mraardvark) must be there.

One nice thing about this is a report LOG generated when the tool is closed, with all activity done. Another thing is it remembers the setup and when entering the tool again everything is in place to continue the project.

Note sure this is the right forum inside AVRFreaks, but hope you also find it useful.


Notice the executable file is free of virus (I am very concerned about this) and runs on any folder it would be copied to. I did test it only on Win7 64. Not sure it will work on other OS.





Helper tool: