Promotion--Low Volume Quick Turn PCB Fab + Assembly Service,FREE Stencil!

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Hey dear friend !

Low cost PCB Prototype & Assembly service provider here, exporting CUSTOM PCB and PCBA with competitive
price and high quality, specialized in low volume quantity, all fabricated and assembled as per your requirments.


Our Advantages:

>DFM File Review and Professional NPI Service;
>Special Part Sourcing;
>100% Flying Probes & AOI Test;
>Free Laser Cut Stencil For Assembly Job;
>No MOQ!


For more information and promotion, pls vist
Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks again!

Best Regards

PCBNPI TECH--Professional PCB Fab / PCB Assembly Service Provider From China.

Last Edited: Thu. Jan 21, 2016 - 08:58 AM
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quick check......


100 x 100mm pcb cost $53,50 must be a 100 PCB quantity, that means just 53,5ct per PCB..... or is this single PCB price?

your price is ex shipment, so that is going to add to the cost as well.

check with a competitor......

10 pieces 100 x 100mm pcb  cost $19,90 so that is 19,9ct per PCB, this is also ex shipment cost, so fair comparison.


tell me why would I now start using you instead of your competitor that delivers great boards but for far less cost as I assume you give single PCB quantities?


stencil... great, most 'amateurs' don't have a stencil machine, professional companies need a special stencil that fits in their specific machine and need a oversized stencil for that.

then again stencils are not expensive specially when you need a large number of boards the stencil price is one off and that then divides on the boars, so in the end that cost should be nill, unless you do only few boards and then a stencil is a waste of money and time to use.


last but not least..... you will have seen that we already have a thread with PCB shops. why the F*CK did you not append to that, now you give the moderators additional work, and I would even not be surprised if they would just lock you out and delete your post as you are behaving like a spammer. you for sure did not come here to chat about AVRs but only want to make adds for your company as you searched on google and found the other thread.


@mod please either stick this thread to the back of the already existing PCb company thread, or just delete it all together, perhaps that will learn this guy to behave.......






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I will leave it here for 2 weeks and then delete it because anyone interested will have seen it by then. I agree it is not an attractive offer. Let's leave it at that.


Locked to prevent further comments.





Ross McKenzie ValuSoft Melbourne Australia

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