Project help in West Palm Beach Florida (looking for)

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I have a simple ATTiny project and would prefer not to take the time to get up to speed on the Atmel environment.  Is there anyone in the WPB Fl area interested in a simple project?  I'm looking for coding in C.  The task is to monitor a voltage then switch on/off a (fixed duty cycle) PWM based on hysteresis.  Side elements are watchdog and brownout (if available).  The 128 KHz onboard osc. will be sufficient as I'm interested in sub 1 Hz system control and low power consumption.  End application is maintaining an accumulator hydraulic pressure where a brushless (RC style) DC motor with an electronic speed controller (thus the PWM) is turning a gear style hydraulic pump.  The pump switches on at one pressure and off at the set point.  There needs to be a delay on power up and a watchdog to prevent the code from going off into space :)      Thoughts welcome.