Programming ATSAMD20J18 with J-LINK EDU

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I've been trying to program my ATSAMD20J18 with a J-LINK EDU without any success so far. I am using the SWD interface.


I can read the VTREF with the J-LINK, but when it comes to programming it is unable to read the device ID (signature). I have checked my connections multiple times, but maybe I am missing something.


I connected:


VTREF (pin 1) -> Board supply (3V ~)

SWCLK(pin 9) -> SWCLK (PA30)

SWDIO(pin 7) -> SWDIO (PA31)

RESET(pin 15) -> RESET (pin 51)

GND (any even pin except 2) -> Board ground


I read in the datasheet of ATSAM that a 1k pullup resistor on SWCLK is recommended, yet in the J-LINK doc they don't mention it. On the other hand, in the JLINK doc they recommend a 100kohms resistor on SWDIO.


I am a beginner with ATSAM MCU's , so forgive me if there is anything obvious I am missing.


If anyone has experience with programming with the J-LINK any help is appreciated!


Thank you =)

Last Edited: Sun. Nov 13, 2016 - 02:36 PM