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a "hyperterminal-like" for win7 64, win10 64 (uses .net 4.0 Client profile).



  • View ASCII or HEX
  • View COM statuses (CD, CTS, DSR, Ring ).
  • Change COM statuses (DTR, RTS, Break).
  • Quick send ASCII character (type directly on the viewer), decimal, and hexadecimal (each has 5 preset quick response button).
  • Auto response. Automatically sends data after receiving data. Decimal, hex, ASCII, or even multibytes binary data via saved files (hex editor included).
  • Quick send multibytes binary data.
  • Measure response time.


Link :


Note :


  1. You must install appropriate framework before using this (net 4.0 Client profile).
  2. Using 64-bit. Sorry, using universal is buggy. So either using x86 or x64 is only choices. I don't have time to upload 32-bit version, is buggy at the time I write this post.
  3. If you encounter crash, try to use ASCII encoding instead of UTF-8. It may cause buffer overflow for fast incoming data.
Last Edited: Fri. Mar 11, 2016 - 06:37 AM