Program stops receiving serial data

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I am constantly sending serial data via bluetooth with an HC05 bluetooth module and an atmel microcontroller (at a baud rate of 115200). The problem is that when reading the data, the computer will stop receiving serial data after doing things that seem unrelated... For instance, I have tried reading the data with a python script and a C++ library for the serial port. I print all the data on the screen, but when scrolling up to see old data, the program will suddenly stop receiving data. This also happens when trying to constantly read a text file from another program...

Even if I open a game, my program freezes again and the serial data stops. What could be causing this?
I am using Windows (tried it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 ), haven't tried it on Linux yet... But I have tried it on different computers and same thing happens. Any ideas?

This is the python script I am using:

import serial 
import time
serial = serial.Serial("COM3", 115200, timeout=None) 

data = 0
while True:

 data = serial.readline()
 data = str(data)

 print data