Problem debugging with JTAGICE MKII

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I'm trying to use JTAG on a custom board using a 32UC3B1256 module from

I'm using AVR Studio 2.0.2 with all the latest patches. It automatically upgraded the firmware in my JTAGICE. I took a look at the JTAG signals using a DSO and everything looks fine.

I can program the flash fine using the "Program" form, whether it's an arbitrary 220KB binary file, or my the actual ELF file for my project.

However, it chokes everytime it tries to program the flash before debugging and there doesn't seem to be any way to set breakpoints and such without going through that automatic process, even if it's just trying to program the same exact code into the chip.


Executing cmd.exe /C avr32program -l  (WAIT)

JTAGICE mkII	00B000001D1E

Executing cmd.exe /C avrfwupgrade --gui --serialnum 00B000001D1E --info --platform jtagicemkii --archive C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\  (WAIT)

Firmware Image       On disk    On tool    Status

-------------------- ---------- ---------- --------------------

MonCom_M_OCDS.bin    5.23       5.23       UpToDate

MonCom_S_OCDS.bin    5.23       5.23       UpToDate

Creating library of local images from archive 'C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\'


Reading firmware information from emulator

Reading master info

Reading slave info

Programming attempt (note that the address where it chokes is different each time):

Connected to JTAGICE mkII version 5.35, 5.35 at USB:00B000001D1E.

Programming 37920 bytes in 3 segments.

Failed programming target

Internal flash programming failed

Write memory failed.

Failed writing 256 bytes to address 0x80007a00.

Failed to execute command with ID 0x2D.

Packet has invalid MESSAGE_START.

Anyone solved this problem before? It appears the JTAG communications is OK, seems more like the GUI is doing something stupid.

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I finally decided to try the software out on a "real PC" to see if it was an incompatibility between AVR32 Studio/JTAGICE and Win2000 under Parallels.

While slow as molasses (I suspect this PC might not have USB 2.0) it does seem to work.

When I was doing evaluation last summer JTAGICE seemed to work most of the time under Parallels. Too bad compatiblity has deteriorated since then.