Porting light sensor example

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Hi all,


I'am trying to port the SAMD21 XPlained Pro board based light sensor Atmel START project to the  ATSAME54P20 eval board.

I have configured the same software components for the ATSAME54 board. 

The only difference is that I use the asynchronous ADC in differential mode with AIN[4] and AIN[5] input pins.

For simplicity, and for the time being, the differential inputs are connected to a 1,5V battery.


Using the ADC with 8-bit resolution shows on RealTerm console that the timer fires every 250ms.

But I see only 0 values for the converted adc samples??

I have debugged the whole application code, and discovered that the adc buffer 'adc_values[]' shows a 0 after reading, say 8 samples??


Anyone of you have done porting the SAMD21 sensor example to the SAME54 MCU, òr can help me with this?

Any help or guidance I will appreciate!