Pololu's 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starts tonight!

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 Pololu Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale 2016


Hi, everyone.


We at Pololu Robotics and Electronics are maintaining our Thanksgiving tradition with another Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! It will start in less than 7 hours on Wednesday, November 23, at midnight PST (08:00 UTC).


As usual, we'll have some great doorbuster deals on items like our AVR-based Zumo robots and A-Star 32U4 microcontroller boards, and plenty of other discounts on motor drivers, voltage regulators, mechanical parts, etc. Almost everything we carry will be on sale, and we are also giving away free bonus items with orders over $100 (these free items include our A-Star 32U4 Micro and USB AVR Programmer v2).


The sale runs through November 28, and we hope you'll take advantage of it to pick up some discounted robotics and electronics parts for your projects. (If so, let us know what you build!)  Happy holidays!


- Ben