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To minimise clutter in this new forum section (and help those searching later on), please use the organisation system currently implemented, called thread "tags", in the thread title.

When adding thread tags, please use the main tag which fits best. There will of course be some overlap however it is preferable to keep things as ordered as possible.

MAN - Manual. Describes how to use an existing piece of software or hardware. Sub tag should be either "[HARD]" for hardware, or "[SOFT]" for software. You should then descibe what you manual is about after the tags, for example my ABCmini/ABCmaxi documentation should be catagorised as "[MAN] [HARD] Documentation for the ABCmini and ABCmaxi". If yours pertains equally to both hardware and software use the subtag "[BOTH]", otherwise just use whichever type takes majority.

TUT - Tutorial. Should describe in "how to" steps how to operate hardware or software. Unlike MAN, TUT threads should have logical ordered steps in order to achieve a preset goal (example, "How to Install WinAVR"). Subtag, like MAN, should be [HARD] or [SOFT].

CODE - Code example. Mainly for giving short, reusable code fragments in various languages which are used often but not of sufficient complexity to warrant an academy project (eg debouncing examples). Subtag should be the language the code fragment is written in. If your language is in a particual compiler-specific dialect of a language, please state so in the title. Example "[CODE] [C] AVR-GCC sample for reading AT keyboard".

DIS - Discussion. Use this for non-tutorials.

UTIL - Utility. Use this for free utilities that are AVR-related (example Smokey's terminal application). Subtag should be the PLATFORM the utility runs on, assuming that the majority of these will be binaries. Example "[UTIL] [WIN] Butterfly LCD segment editor app".

Apologies to those who originally posted in this thread, I've removed your posts for clarity.

- Dean :twisted:

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