Peripheral event system and sleep modes

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Have anyone any experience from how the Peripheral Event System (PES) can be used together with sleep modes? I know that the UC3 that have the full PEV similar to XMEGA is new so maybe it is to much to ask.

Anyway, I make a DAQ board and the MCU shall be sample some signals in 1-10 kHz (internal or external ADC through SPI), send the data to the UART and go into sleep with a 32 kHz clock that is used as a sample rate timer. I plan to use the PES to do some tasks automatically but I do not understand how much I can combine sleep modes with the PES.
/edit: First of all, what clocks need to be running for the PES to work?

The reason for using the AVR32 for such a simple task is that sometimes (not always) there are heavy algoritm calculations done on the signals prior sending.

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