PCMSK simulation tiny261 grrrrrr

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Think i'm going mad or just missing something, this code is supposed to wait for a pin change on RB0 of a TINY261

;Setup pin change interupt on PCINT8 (PB0)

clr r16 ;None of these
out PCMSK0,r16
ldi r16,$01 ;Just PCINT8 of this one
out PCMSK1,r16
ldi r16,$10
out GIMSK,r16 ;enable just the Pin Change Interrupt

;start timer0
ldi r16,$0A
out TCCR0B,r16 ;reset prescaler and set source to clkio/8

sei ;enable interrupts
cbi PORTB,TX ;tell master i'm waiting


ldi r16,$20
out MCUCR,r16
sleep ;idle mode
rjmp GOTO_SLEEP ;after wakeup


the cbi PORTB,TX triggers the interrupt.

Am i doing something wrong?