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Hi all,

I would like to introduce my current work. The design is called PCHIP and is a Pascal programmable ATMega163 (or ...323). I choose the Mega163 because it can program itself via serial bootloader and has some interesting features(FLASH,RAM,EEPROM,ADC, ...). So my idea was to write a pascal cross-compiler for just a single chip that produces p-code and a virtual machine that executes that code. Now, I have the compiler ready, a quite comfortable IDE exists with syntax editor, hll-debugger, terminal, project manager.... The chip has a preprogrammed bootloader (256 words including the debug monitor) and all other downloads a done via the serial interface straight into the FLASH. Also the debugging (halt, step, breakpoints, symbol watch) is done via serial interface.

The virtual machine works fine and is pretty fast (<2kbyte of code by now). Now I'm going to write a set of low level routines to support easy application develpoment.

Here is my question: What would you expect from a single chip that has a comfortable IDE and is based on a Mega163?

(If the development is complete I will provide preprogrammed chips with IDE for a very low - competitive - price. Then, the source code of that kernel will be included.)

You can have a look at the demo-version of the pascal compiler on my website, but sorry it is not the current version (no syntax coloring).


Thanks for feedback
Uwe Altenburg