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Hi everyone,

I hope that this is not off topic. I have moved my work into the open source domain and would love for maintainers and contributors to take over...

Home page:

File release:

Home page summary:

This is a collection of firmware and documentation for 8-bit and 16/32-bit microcontrollers.

The aim is to:
* Share source code, knowledge and expertise between the community of engineers, scientists and enthusiasts.
* Provide quick start guides and tutorials to shorten the learning curve of new microcontrollers.
* Provide Board Support Packages (BSPs) for rapid code development.
* Create unified peripheral driver APIs so that code can be re-used on different microcontrollers.
* Recommend good firmware development practices.

Supported microcontrollers:
* Atmel AVR
* Atmel SAM (ARM7TDMI and ARM926EJ-S)
* ST STR91x (ARM966E-S)

Quick start guides (with tutorials):
* Atmel AVR

This library started as an attempt to share and teach, but creating and maintaining embedded firmware is not part of my job description as an electronic hardware engineer and my free time is limited. My vision is to plant the seed and for one or more embedded firmware experts to take over the project and steer it for the good of the community.

Wish list:
* Unified initialisation code and linker scripts for ARM7/9 and Cortex microcontrollers
* Support for more microcontrollers: MSP430, Cortex-M3, ...

Best regards,
Pieter Conradie