NRF24L01+ receiving problem

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Hi everyone. I am new here, so please correct me if I am wrong at anything.


I'm using Atmega32A to communicate with NRF24L01+. I observe several problems that need some explanation and solution


1. I successfully set my desired values for the NRF's registers and check them by displaying on the Terminal monitor. However, after toggling CE from low to high and back to low (to receive packets from Tx), I check again and see that all registers' values are changed and they remain weird numbers forever. Can someone explain this problem and should I put my NRF_Initialization (setting up all registers' values) inside the while loop to avoid weird values?


2. After receiving, I observe that STATUS changed from 0E to C0, which means RX_DR is set high. However, all data I receive are Zeros. Is it normal? My STATUS also automatically changes back to 0E without me resetting its value.


3. Can you recommend a link to a successful tutorial (best with some explanation, as I'm new with it) using  two NRFs and two AVRmegas to send and receive data? I searched for the whole last week but no help. My code is currently based on this guy: (the last comment in the thread)


Thank you very much guys. My code is a bit messed up, but if you need to see it, I'll post then. :D

Last Edited: Fri. Oct 16, 2015 - 12:23 AM