NPCS pin missing from include file (SPI)

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Possible error in UC3 framework AT32UC3A-1.4.0 and older:

file: avr32\uc3a0512.h

definition for AVR32_SPI1_NPCS_3_0_PIN is missing although there should be four such pins on the SPI1 peripheral.

Another observation regarding SPI on the EVK1100 kit:
If you use only one of the NPCS-pins ranging from 1 to 3 in SPI master mode, remember to check the state of the NPCS0 pin although you don't use it for SPI. That pin is connected to a SPI mode fault detection circuit that looks for other SPI masters in the system trying to select the UC3 as slave.

A solution is to simply switch off the fault detection in the SPI mode register or include NPCS0 pin in the GPIO setup for SPI.