"not an atmel start project" message when reconfiguring

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I have a problem reconfiguring a project for a ATSAML10E16A when creating a custom board (if I use an example project provided by microchip/atmel all is OK).



i) I create a new project using start.atmel

ii) I generate the project

iii) I import into Atmel Studio 7.0. All ok so far.

iv) I right click on the project name and select reconfigure

v) The atmel start screen comes up within Atmel Studio 7.
vi) I reconfigure a pin

vii) I then click on Generate Project.

viii) I then get the error message "The current project is not an atmel start project". See attached pdf (project name blanked out for confidentiality).


It will create new project but I don't want that as I don't get the other manually created files kept intact in the project.


I don't get the problem if I use an example board project but only if I create a new custom board from scratch. Any ideas?


Thanks for any suggestions.




Last Edited: Wed. Mar 27, 2019 - 07:29 PM