Newer updates of Atmel Studio 7 get verification error writing fuses

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Something seems to have changed in Atmel Studio regarding writing fuses with a SAM-ICE programmer.  When I use "Device Programming" or atprogram.exe to write to USER_WORD_0.NVMCTRL_BOOTPROT and USER_WORD_0.NVMCTRL_EEPROM_SIZE on a SAMD21J18A, I now (for the last couple months) get "Verification failed @ address 0x00804000" when I program the fuses - but the change seems to take effect!


I know this is related to Atmel studio upgrades, because I had another machine that wasn't exhibiting this problem, but Atmel Studio got updated on it yesterday, and now it exhibits the behavior too.


Anyone know what's up, and how I can get it to stop?  The board-programming scripts I've written using atprogram.exe do the same thing, and it's confusing to have to tell operators that they should ignore this error.