New fun project with Atmega32, GSM Modem - with source code

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Now, here is my latest "thing" that is taking care of my personal baby-sitting (It keeps me busy so I am not doing any no-no things).

It has:
- Current controlled PWM PSU
- Atmega32 @ 8 MHz
- 128KB SRAM
- 1MB Flash
- 8 outputs for relays or similar
- 4 inputs for temperature sensors (Cheap Diodes)
- 3 analogue inputs
- GSM Modem (not yet installed)

The intention is to create functionality to be able to steer this and/or something using a dial in only connection (thus reducing costs). Needed stuff is:
- Audio menu (speaking system)
- DTMF decoder

I have already coded and tested the libraries for:
- the ADC (not including the DTMF)
- the Flash (and associated SPI)
- The PWM based speech system (Finnish only at the moment)

I will keep this forun updated and all the source code / hardware design available when ready and tested.

I have noticed that there is some demand for GSM modem stuff out there. Hopefully this sprays some releaf to that eager....


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Well what can I say.... It is speaking now !

It can express the temperatures in the sensors, the measured voltages, states of the relays and much more - both in swedish and in finnish ;)

This has been a learning experience for me. The sample rate that I am using is only 4KB/sec but it is more than sufficient to make the speech regognizable even if the samples are only 8 bit wide.

For those of You who consider doing something similar a good advice is to learn to use some good quality audio editing software. I have been now using Audacity - and it seems to do the work.

The finnish number system is really simple since it does not have any exceptions on how the numbers are expressed - it was easy build this up using syllables.

Swedish - on the other hand - is nothing but exceptions. The final approach is a tradeoff between sample data amount and amount of code. I know some of the forum members would find the output of this device hilarious as it is spoken by a finnish-swedish person (me).

I will give out the code when I am absolutely sure that the system is working for both swedish and finnish. The code includes:
- software to convert WAV files into 8-bit sample datafile and an accompanying header file for the code.
- software for uploading the sample data into the device. This is a proprietary protocol and it is coded in a easy to port manner. Includes PC (Linux) software and Atmel code.
- Fully interrupt driven serial port driver
- Partly interrupt driven ISP driver
- ADC code
- Software timer system (elapsing periods and a delay)
- library for using a DataFlash memory with ISP
- and much more

The source code can be found at:

Next task is to construct a Hayes library for the GSM modem