Need help in programing updi mode

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To all experienced


I am currently programming using UPDI mode (attiny814), there are some things that become the questions / constraints that I face.

The programmer I created uses an auto-detect to recognize the identity of the microcontroller (device id 1E xx zz). In other modes (ICSP / HVPP / HVSP / PDI / TPI), device id of the microcontroller can still be read even when it is locked. In UPDI mode which can be read only SIB (System Information Block). Is there any way to read device id in locked state?

Using device id, the length of user signature can be specified (attiny 8k used 32 bytes / 16k used 64 bytes). I place the device parameters in database. Device id (1E xx zz) is the key to retrieve parameters from database in programming.

User signature row can only be programmed when the device is locked. The writing results can not be re-read, unless unlock by running Chip Erase, but this will remove the program already entered. User signature row can not be deleted (0xFF) entirely except the first three bytes instead of 0xFF. I've tried using a colon character, semicolon also unsuccessful. Is there a solution so it can be removed completely (all 0xFF)?

I always fail to change fuse bits, but using lock bit succeeds. Anyone ever experienced this, please help to solve it. Fuse bits first, lock bits are always the last.


Thank you for reading, hopefully someone will help and become input for Microchip for better product in the future.