MKII Serious Problem

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Hi there,
I have a problem with my MKII which worked properly in the past and used for a lot of projects. At this time, after my last HD format and Windows XP installation, MKII does not emulate.
I have installed the last AVRStudio version (Ver 4.11.410 Service Pack 3) which works OK. I have download the new update for my STK500.
I use the AVR Studio help in order to make JTAGICE mkII USB Setup
step by step. The windows as I see (system information) installed the MKII driver. I have download the new update software for the MKII programmed with my AVR Studio with the USB cable.
The problem is that I have a repeated Windows message telling me that there is an unknown device in my computer and that is not working properly or something. When I choose the MKII debuger in order to use it for emulation and after I press the button Start Debugging, AVRStudio shows me the message "Failed to indentify target on the JTAG Interface........................"
I tried with a lot and different devices like Mega16, Tiny2313 and Tiny13

Does anybody knows the way to fix my problem? Thanks a lot.


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