Microchip Studio 7 (Version: 7.0.2542 - ) Locking up

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I never had this issue before with Studio.   But now, I have to restart it about every 15 to 30 minutes.


It "seems" to be connected to the usage of the I/O explorer when debugging (which for me, is a lot).


It's just be-bopping along, and I'll highlight a register and that will work.  But either I do it too many times or the wrong register at the wrong time and it takes a long nap.  Normally, nothing is responsive.  But I think I can see it kinda slow down (if I'm "lucky"), and maybe stop the debug session, but I think it's still hosed out because if you look at it wrong, nap time.   


Nothing will wake it from it's slumber either.  If you try to close it from the taskbar, no luck.  Task manager or resource monitor is about the only way.   CPU usage seems to go up pretty high too.   CPU usage normally hangs out around 10 or 12% on this machine, but when it hoses, it heads upward or 30 to 35%.


This is getting old, real fast.   Nothing else is running, like Chrome or anything (except background stuff that's always running like anti-virus software).


Anybody have any luck with going back to the pre-Microchip version?

Just gettin' started, again....