Memory window bug

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IS it just me or do you find with AS6+JTAGICEmkII+mega16 that if in your debug session you try to have three memory windows visible, one set to "prog FLASH". on to "eeprom EEPROM" and one to "data IRAM" that the whole thing gets very confused about which window is showing what?

I'm sometimes seeing prog FLASH in more than one, sometimes EEPROM in more than one or IRAM in more than one. What's more sometimes I am seeing complete garbage in one or more. I know what's in the prog FLASH (and read back to .hex file confirms it) but the memory window is showing me complete rubbish.

What's going on here? Is it the JTAG being run too fast or something? (CPU = 3.6864MHz).

It is just a tad annoying.

PS If I limit myself to one memory window then use the drop list to switch views on the whole that always works. It's just having multiple views displayed at once that it takes umbridge to.