Mega32 chip labels

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OK I know mega32 is as old as the hills and no one else probably still uses them - but just in case this is useful to someone else...




I have this:


I've seen this done before but because I wanted them immediately to use on a mega32 in a breadboard I drew them from scratch (it's only multiple so you can print several per sheet).


Scale the printing so it comes out at 51mm long and then (if you don't have glue in the house!) simply Blu-tack onto the top of the chip for a result something like:



Rather remarkably, after I'd wired it all up this thing actually worked - it sure prevented a lot of that "OK, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... oh bum, I was looking for RXD on pin 14 but I've lost count" that usually goes on when I'm trying to set things up on a breadboard without the aid of such a label.


(to give credit where it's due I think I first saw this idea on AdaFruit).