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There are three ways to reply to an existing post on this forum:




1. Quote

When you press this button, the forum will automatically insert the text of the post as a quote:


You can then add your own text in reply.


Please don't just quote entire posts verbatim - it clogs up the thread with unnecessary repetition, and makes it hard to follow.


Instead, cut out all superfluous text - leaving just enough to give context; eg,

Note: If you select some text in the original post before pressing the 'Quote' button, the forum might insert only that text in your reply.


You can have multiple [ quote ] blocks within a reply - you can copy & paste the 'quote'...'/quote' tags.

Or use the  button on the toolbar.


When posted, your reply will look something like this:



Note that the forum has automatically inserted a reference to the original post.


2. Reply

When you press this button, the forum will just give you a blank comment form:



Again, when you post, the forum will automatically inserted a reference to the original post:



3. Add New Comment

There is always an 'Add New Comment' form at the end of a thread (unless it's locked).


Using this will just put your comment at the end of the thread - without any context or reference.


You can, of course, manually insert quote blocks if you wish.


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