Main Eindpoint Problem on PDIUSBD12

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Hi there,

I am trying to get Mass Storage working on AVR. I am using the PDIUSBD12.

The enumuration works fine and Windows sees my "USB Mass Storage" device.

Problem is, Windows sends a 15 byte Command Block Header, which I am trying to read.

When I set the size of the main endpoint to 16, and use the READ BUFFER command, I get the following:

Byte 0 = 80 (reserved according to PDIUSB12 datasheet)
Byte 1 = 0x0F (length of data)
Byte 2 = 0 (data)
Byte 3 = 0
Byte 4-15 = 0 (where is the data?)

When I set the size of the main endpoint to 64, I get the follow:

Byte 0 = 0
Byte 1 =0
Byte 2-15 =0

Thus, all bytes is zero when using 64 bytes size for main endpoint.

So why does the data and size differs when using different sizes for the main endpoint?

Also, where is my data for the command block when using 16 bytes for the size of the main endpoint.

Any help will be appreciated.