Maestro A2035-H GPS Data Sheet? User Feedback?

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I am looking for a few (<10) GPS modules, and the EM-406 (or EM-406A), that I've used in the past seems to be an End-Of-Life product.

Spark Fun still sells them for about $60 USD.
Other on line outlets still have them for about $20 USD.

But while looking about I kept seeing the Maestro A2035-H module, SiRF IV, with a built in patch antenna, for about $20 USD.

The "Data Sheet" that Mouser and others have is a two page GPS sensitivity, start up times, etc., data sheet. It is not a pin out, or User instruction manual for setting up the USART or SPI mode, power down mode, etc.

Google pops up a BIG WARNING page about going to the Maesto web site.

Since I'm not running a virtual PC (which would be disposable if infected), I am reluctant to go to the company's web site.

So, has anybody here worked with this GPS module yet? Anyone have a "real" data sheet?