Location of source windows when making IO window wider

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I have just installed RC4, and was exited to see if the source window placement problem I have seen were corrected. But I still see it.

Try to reproduce what I see this way:

Open studio for debugging a .elf file. and maximize the studio window to full screen.

Make the source window so narrow that you have some cm free space to the right of the window.

Now widen the I/O view window so the source window approaches the screen border but not so much that it can not be fully seen.

Save the project., and close studio.

Open Studio again and load the project file. The source windows starts at the correct position, and the I/O view window is narrow. Then Studio corrects the size of the I/O view window to the wider size set, and now the source window are pushed to the right and can not be fully seen anymore.

Finally there are unused space between the IO window and the source windows.

In RC3 the assembler window could be opened so the left side was located underneath the IO window, but I cannot so far reproduce this with RC4.

Can anybody else reproduce the source window are pushed beyond the screen limit ?