[Little OT] CDROM trays lock up

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I hope someone has come across this problem and may have some pointers. I have banks of CDROMs in PC boxes (inc power supply) and each CDROM is driven by it's own individual M8535 (back on topic perhaps :-) ). In a particular installation the trays lock up and the CD cannot be removed without resetting the whole system. Needless to say the client is a little annoyed :( It is obviously some local electrical noise creating the problem and I cannot recreate the problem in the workshop. Whilst someone else is looking at the environment for the noise source and how it can be managed, I have rearranged the watchdog to perfom (hopefully) an automatic reset for the individual CDROM without affecting the others.

There is no specific code to prevent medium removal (code 0x1E) in the system, but it is possible that a corrupt packet gets send to the CDROM to be mistaken as a tray lock command. If anyone has any ideas or experience with the above please let me know. There seem to be something about the PC power supply playing up and causing the above problem on the net but haven't found much more about it.

John Samperi

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