Is LibBoost relevant for small uC's such as AVR?

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Has anybody here tried to use any of the 130 or so LibBoost libraries on an AVR?


I've always assumed that such libraries were not relevant for small uC's but I've also had to revise my assumption that C would better "suit" a small AVR than C++ would. I'm still getting used to C++ and for practice I "upgraded" some old projects from C to C++. I noticed that some of the variables suddendly found a logical place in the C++ conversion.


LibBoost is a moving target, just as C++ is, and there is collaboration between libboost & the ISOcpp committee.

Today I had a little peek at LibBoost, and I found the "atomic" library, where a single variable can be declared atomic.

This seems a better solution for some parts than avr's "util/atomic.h".

A lot of the "more complicated" LibBoost libs won't fit an AVR, but in between all the LibBoost libraries I also see a references possibly small libs such as a circular buffer.


Has anyone tried to use any of these libs on an AVR?



Doing magic with a USD 7 Logic Analyser:

Bunch of old projects with AVR's:

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