JTAGICE3 debugWIRE not working after SP2 upgrade, (NOSOLVED)

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See earlier message:
Interestingly, the work around quit working. Back to the orginal problem.

Work around. Start debug session with "start without debugging." Then start session with "start debugging and break"

I had some strange behavior regarding previously set breakpoints and symbols. so rebuilt solutions and deleted all breakpoints.

I upgraded to SP2 and my JTAGICE3 would not debug with debugWIRE, but could still program. A FW downgrade was suggested, but after the downgrade still could not debug, but also could not program. After, deleting AS6 and reinstalling and letting the JTAGICE3 FW upgrade to 3.8, I can program again. Still can't debug.
I noticed that the driver name changed from JTAGICE3 to WinDriver.