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I am posting this for a client of mine that is in need of more support than I can provide due to geography. 


RoboRod,  a development stage Company based in St. Louis, Missouri is seeking a talented electronic engineer who can contribute to the ongoing development and perfecting of its robotic fishing rod platform that employs a water-based drone.   The person should be able to work both independently as well as been highly effective in a team environment.  They should be familiar with A/D systems and RF transmission in addition to standard circuitry design.  This person should have both embedded, compiler based and scripting programming tools and be able to write and analyze Arduino based code in addition to Bluetooth programming on Android systems.  Their primary job function will be to support a senior electronics systems individual in addition to having the opportunity to grow independently.   For more information please contact

One thing I should mention is that I believe that an ARM processor should be used due to some of the features that the device will incorporate.  


Mr. Raskas is a true gentleman, and a lot of fun to work with.  Sadly his location, and mine are not a good fit hence I suggested that he look for someone closer to his location.



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