Interrupt vectors repeated in COFF file with (.text > 16K

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I am using the avrgcc 3.2 distribution package from the freaks to program mega128 on AvrStudio 4.04. My code size (.text) has grown to above 16k with much more to come.

I have found that elfcoff seems to be messing up at the 0x1FFF-0x2000 boundary. It has copied the interrupt vectors (+ a little bit more) from 0x0000 to 0x2000. (The dissassembler window in studio shows a jump table at 0x0000 and at 0x2000)

If I load the .HEX file into studio, all is well. Inspecting the .coff with a hex file viewer clearly shows the repeated interrupt vectors pattern. This is why I think elfcoff is to blame.

My debugging has come to a premature, help help.